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Award-winning investigative journalist. Not a fan of tyranny or child trafficking/pedophilia/Big Tech/political operatives or dishonest media. #NoAgendaLara
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Inner strength defeats enemies within.

It is always wise to know what an enemy is doing, their tactics, ideology, etc. however, often overlooked is the power within ones self when developing what is seen and known with the application of discernment. Many people do not want to examine the collective trauma that humanity has gone through for so many years, because the personal traumas will lead to the eons of collective traumas that involves war, lies, misery, sickness, horrors done to others, all produced by the ill intended taking advantage of those who are trusting, kind, and innocent to the reality of the outside world. It is my view that the avoidance of inner work allows fear and hypnotic suggestibility (programming) to take hold making weakness and compliance an easy way for these psychopathic inter-species predators to overpower us all. When truth is heard, such as the truth and wisdom that Lara brings forward, (among others), listening to it with discernment and knowledge. The traumas, when processed, will allow strength, fearlessness, and a willingness to 'give it all' for what is right. To stand without wavering in the face of wickedness often involves experience to deepen the reality of what is being faced. I sense this is a process that is now beginning to be realized by many good, trusting people who have been caught in the trap of fear, both personal and collective. Confusion will begin to make sense, and sense will bring understanding, reasoning, objectivity over reaction, knowledge and eventually wisdom. It will create unity when the enemy of us all is recognized and not hidden in fear and deceit. My thought for the day. 😉 TY

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Hey Locals,

I plan on making Live Streams a weekly activity here on Locals. They will most likely be every Wednesday around 5pm CT, but I'm still figuring that out and will keep you all updated. I'm looking forward to improving and bringing new content to all of my supporters here on Locals. Thank you to everyone who supports me and stay safe.


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